We have used the same specialised door-to-door distribution company for many years and they ensure every copy is hand-delivered to every home on carefully selected routes.


Our routes were chosen with a number of factors in mind. We mainly deliver to homes with front doors as delivering to flats with secure entry can be difficult, although we do try to do some that we feel would be beneficial to our advertisers. Our distribution is mainly focussed on homeowners as we have many tradesmen and home improvement companies who advertise with us.


Although we, unfortunately, cannot deliver a copy to every home (the costs would be prohibitive), deliver to around 11,000 copies to homes on each of the three routes and a further 1,500 copies are distributed to a number of pick up points where regular readers of the magazine can collect their copy. 

Finally, we also deliver around 500 copies of the magazine to local businesses in each area.




We can deliver your flyers or menus along with the magazine to all or part of our distribution areas. We include a maximum of three inserts per magazine and we would never have more than one type of business.


If you would like more information on distribution of your leaflets or menus, please give us a call on 0141 771 7376 or click here to drop us an email.

Hoolt Glasgow East Distribtion Map
Hoolt Glasgow East Distribtion Map